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Orontas Type B Chain Lubricant - 240ml

Orontas Type B Chain Lubricant - 240ml

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TYPE B Lubricant is a high-performance chain oil for normal-to-wet conditions made from 100% sustainable sources designed to protect from rust, eliminate noise, and friction causing wear for a smoother, faster ride on trails and roads. TYPE B is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free and won’t gum up your chain.

Made In Canada


  • 1. Dismount bike (strongly recommended)
  • 2. Clean chain (with Orontas Cleaner, obviously)
  • 3. Pedal chain backward (slowly) and drip lubricant conservatively hitting each link
  • 4. Less is more, so don’t over-apply (wipe excess if you’re guilty)
  • 5. Repeat every 10 Scandinavian miles (100km/60miles) or as needed


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