Collection: Gabba

Gabba and Perfetto are a hot item through Autumn and Winter. there is no doubt. There is much feedback we’re receiving as to what is the better option and opinion is divided.

 Hopefully the following will help in making your decision.

 The Gabba (now famous) by Castelli a is waterproof garment front and rear with rain flap on rear end and reflective detailing throughout.
Gore Windstopper material on this jersey is brilliant at keeping the cold air off your chest as well as stopping rain and mud from penetrating (you can see why MTB riders are getting on board).
This product also breathes very well so if you’re set in a decent bunch ride and the weather starts to heat up you generally won’t overheat.

In comparison, Perfetto Light Jerseys are the ‘lighter-weight’ version of the Gabba – near identical except the back of the garment which is a lighter more breathable material (Nanoflex) enabling use in warmer climates.

So which one is best?

Depending on where do you live might hold the answer. We do sell more Perfetto into the warmer States; the Gabba is a given in Victoria and Tasmania (or anywhere cold)

The time of year might also influence your decision. Think Winter is Gabba. Spring is Perfetto. 
Two years ago in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road for the Amy’s Gran Fondo the weather fluctuated from 15 degrees to minus temperatures and a heap of rain in-between. Both items were ideal and life savers!

Will you ride if there is a wet road or rain forecast? Gabba will keep out more water however both will be your go to in bad conditions.

Our preference is to have one of each in every colour!

Handy tip - Match one of these with a pair of decent arm warmers and you have a jacket!