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Diadora Vortex-Pro Carbon Sole Cycling Shoes

Diadora Vortex-Pro Carbon Sole Cycling Shoes

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For high Carbon road cycling and designed to deliver top performance, this cycling shoe has a 3k full fiber carbon sole, with Net Breathing System Technology and removable heel pad. These shoes are constructed with a full carbon/fibreglass sole and built for the main purpose of speed and power transfer.

  • Boa® provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points. Boa® laces have superior power transfer through the entire pedal stroke. The high-precision Boa® reel allows the cyclist to achieve perfect shoe tension. The Boa® Closure System weighs substantially less than other cycling shoe closures. Free of straps cyclists enjoy greater air circulation across the top of the foot.

  • Diadora's exclusive patented technology that is comprised of a synthetic fibre mesh and special breathable and waterproof membrane. Net Breathing System increases the sole's transpiration capacity, preventing moisture, mud and other external element from entering the shoe, and thus keeping the foot dry.

  • Morpho Cage S is the particular heat sealed cage made from soft TPU, and directly applied to the internal side of the upper, guaranteeing perfect closure and evenly distributing pressure on the foot, while improving foot stability during thrust phase thanks to the integration with sole and upper.



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