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Orontas Biodegradable Bike Cleaner - 240mL

Orontas Biodegradable Bike Cleaner - 240mL

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CLEANER is designed to get you back out on your bike quickly and safely – without wasteful aerosols, harmful chemicals, high-volume soapy fluids or complicated chain-washing-machine-things.

Simply spray and wipe CLEANER to remove grime, dirt and oil from the chain. Highly efficient; there are 1000+ sprays in each bottle – over a year supply if you clean your chain weekly.

CLEANER is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free.

Made In Canada.


  1. Dismount bike (strongly recommended)
  2. Spray chain thoroughly
  3. Wipe down chain with any old reusable rag
  4. Re-apply Orontas TYPE A or B lubricant
  5. Repeat every 10 Scandinavian miles (100km/60miles) or as needed


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