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Scope R3.A Wheelset - Disc

Scope R3.A Wheelset - Disc

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Scope R3.A - All Road - Comfortable Climber

The all-road wheels from the Sport Series feature proven technologies from Scope's previous generation carbon wheels.

All valuable insights have been carried over into a whole new range of wheels.

Same as the Race Series, the Sport Series wheels are hand-built and meet the same high-quality standards.

Like all Scope wheels, the Sport Series is developed in The Netherlands, with a focus on the perfect balance between aerodynamics, stiffness, and durability.

Perfect tire fit
The unique geometry of our Scope Tubeless System ensures easy mounting, direct inflation, long-lasting pressure and compatibility with all (tubeless) tires.

With our Local Reinforcement carbon technology we increase the number of carbon layers only around the spoke holes on the inside of the rim. This way we significantly reduce its weight, while preserving the strength and stiffness.

Optimized Aerodynamics
The rim profile of our wheels is developed using our Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics (AEA) technology. This algorithm calculates the most aerodynamic rim profile to ensure optimum performance.

Ultra-light and durable
The hubs feature our Diamond hardened Ratchet engagement System for direct engagement, improved durability, and a significant reduction in weight.

Total set weight: 1545

Recommended tire width:
Road tyres: 28 - 23mm  Gravel tyres: 35 - 57mm

Max rider weight:
No weight limit 

Rim height
Front: 30mm
Rear: 30mm 

External rim width
Front: 30mm
Rear: 30mm

Internal rim width
Front: 23mm
Rear: 23mm

Spoke count
Front: 21
Rear: 24


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